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Hello, Welcome to Stuntman,Actor,+MMA Instructor's

Daniel Theodore AKA Dan "The Wolfman"s Site, hope you enjoy
Daniel Theodore SAG/AFTRA reached at DanTheWolfman@hotmail.com or Baron Entertainment, Vox for MoCap! 
Seen on Sons of Anarchy, CSI NY, Couples Retreat, & Robot Metro in Real Steel! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2215280/
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Top MMA UFC/Bellator/Shooto Fighters Dennis Hallman, Matt Brown, Ryan Bow,
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Training in many different martial arts since 1986, MMA & Grappling w/the best UFC Fighters & coaches since 1997!
Mixed Martial Arts, Real Catch Wrestling, & Combatives Expert! Former Pro MMA Fighter,Kudo GrapplinCompetitor   Stunt Reel Below-Sons of Anarchy+Real Steel-Missy's Stunts Combatives & MMA Highlight Below-Real Fighting at End
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Perhaps one day Seminar #2 detailing extreme Anti-Cage Tactics & Takedown Defense that no one else is doing in MMA or even Combatives, as well as Calf Kick Combinations & more Rare Submissions will be made available but I currently will only share with NAME Top MMA Fighters that contact me directly.  Thank you for your interest.  
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Currently Unavailable for the most part
Currently Unavailable for the most part
Currently Unavailable for the most part

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 Bonus Fight Footage featuring Top MMA Stars! Easy Menu Navigation!  I have been fortunate to train with tons of top MMA Fighters/Grapplers such as
 Tito Ortiz, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Dan Severn, "Tank" Abbott, MFS/Matt Hughes/Robbie Lawler/Tim Sylvia, Saulo Ribiero, Eddie Bravo, Gene LeBell/Gokor, and Black House (Lyoto Machida/Anderson Silva/Glover team).  I've competed against two UFC#1 Contenders Jeremy Horn & Yuki Kondo as well as against MTV's Bully Beatdown Host Jason "Mayhem" Miller!  I've won 3 NHB/MMA Fights by first round Submission as well as many Advanced Grappling Matches by Submission! 1 Hour Long 85% Real Fight at Takada Dojo!
I was fortunate to have fought in Japan four times and train Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand!
I've trained many different martial arts since 1986, and hardcore MMA & Grappling training since 1997.  I also bounced for 12 years, survived a 2 on 1 Stick Attack, Survived a 10 on 1 Attack, and have extensive Combatives knowledge.  

See More Video's, Rashad, Motion Capture, MMA, and Grappling highlights below!  
Productions/Gyms; if you're interested in having me on your TV show or Film as a Fight Coordinator (I'm based in LA and also local hire in Michigan), or are interested in me providing Actor private training (LA) or seminars 
Contact via email: DanTheWolfman@hotmail.com  Check out awesome Rashad Evans & King Mo Interviews Below!

Making you laugh in "Couples Retreat"  Stunts on Sons of Anarchy        Motion Capture on "Real Steel" w/ Sugar Ray!

 See My earlier long Acting/Stunt/Fight Reel and My latest Fight+Training in Japan 09' Videos below!
Short MMA Clip Below using JKD/WC Straight Blast!            Submission Highlight Video of My Submission Victories!

Below is an animated Motion Capture me! Done MoCap on Real Steel and Metal Gear Solid Rising! w/ Vox

Below-I did the Motion Performance Capture Robot "Metro" Fight Scene here in "Real Steel"!


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